Your Guide To The Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theories

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


In honor of TBEX 2012, the annual travel bloggers conference that is taking place this weekend in Colorado, I thought I’d take a look at something most everyone who is attending the conference will encounter on their way there: The most sinister airport in the world, Denver International Airport (DIA). And I’m not talking about the overabundance of Panda Express takeout restaurants sprinkled throughout the terminals.

What I’m referring to, of course, are the various conspiracy theories surrounding what many would presume to be a very benign municipal institution. What they don’t realize is that in the mid-90’s, the Illuminati and Freemasons secretly conspired to disburse hints as to their very evil and dastardly plans for world domination and racial purity by inserting vague references to the Mayans and the Gestapo in colorful murals throughout the airport, converting an ill-designed baggage system into a very real headquarter for a New World Order, and then — contrary to what one may think a secret organization would want to do — leave their signature on a prominently displayed monument, all within the confines of a hard-to-reach, nominally international airport in the middle of the plains leading to the Rocky Mountains.

Without further ado, your guide to the conspiracy theories of DIA.



In an attempt to telegraph their plans to the world about their odd connection to the Nazis, the planners of the New World Order designed the layout of the airport to look like a swastika. Unbeknownst to them, it would be years away before Google maps would make this apparent to most of the world.

Weird Murals

Denver International Nazi Mural

The Illuminati decided to commission Chicano artist Leo Tanguma to paint a series of frightening murals for the airport, which would serve to put the world on notice of their plan to wipe out the lesser races and instill racial purity in the world, and to also do so in a colorful and eye-pleasing way. The subject murals include the above right panel of “The Children of the World Dream of Peace,” which depicts a Nazi-style soldier lording over the masses, an event which would be occurring in the near future.

Other murals show animals in glass boxes (obviously implicating that in the future only the strong and deserving animals will be chosen to survive), as well as the depiction of a child holding a tablet with Mayan-like inscriptions on it (a clear reference to the end of the world in 2012 as predicted by the Mayans).


Of course the next panel (above) depicts the multitude of the world races coming together in harmony to defeat evil and promote peace in the world. This was clearly a red herring on behalf of the New World Order, and should be dismissed as irrelevant.

Masons Capstone


In an effort to celebrate their evil plans and to do so in a prominent and tasteful way, the Freemasons decided to bury a time capsule to be opened in 2094, which was marked by a capstone on display in the center of a terminal. But for the eagle-eyed, if you look closely at the inscriptions, you can see an eerie illusion to a “New World Airport Commission,” a clear reference to the New World Order’s secret commission to oversee civil aviation. Never mind the cover story that the time capsule and keystone were part of an effort by a group of Denver business leaders who held opening-day events welcoming DIA as a new “world-class” city airport.

Underground Bunkers

Finally, in final preparation, conspiracy theorists have pointed out that there were a series of buildings and tunnels built and buried underneath the airport, an obvious plan by the New World Order to plan ahead for their future headquarters. Why they would then subsequently allow their new headquarters to be a part of the elaborate underground baggage system and supporting architecture, or why they would want bunkers as their new headquarters rather than, say, something with better views, one can only wonder.


For further reading check out’s take on the theories, or follow updated stories about the DIA conspiracy theories at The DIA Conspiracy Files.

[Denver International Airport by Mack Male/Flickr; Denver Airport via Wikipedia Commons; Denver International Airport Mural by Donal Mountain/Flickr; Freaky DIA Mural #3 by Devon Hollahan/Flickr]

By Matt Stabile



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