My Pictures From TBEX 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012


You know what you’re not supposed to do on a magazine-style site that focuses on narrative travel pieces and blog entries about travel news and trends? The answer: post your personal vacation pictures.

I normally spare readers the pain of doing this, but when that vacation happens to include attending TBEX 2012 — the annual travel bloggers conference that features bloggers, travel industry folks, PR representatives, and scores of awkward encounters in which people say: I recognize you from your avatar — I can’t help it.

Luckily for me, this year the conference was held in my home state of Colorado, which is also the new home of The Expeditioner Contributing Editor Jenna Blumenfeld.


I was also able to convince longtime Contributing Editor Luke Armstrong to make the trip. Throw in a couple of high school buddies, the Mork and Mindy House (1619 Pine Street, Boulder Colorado),’s Kelley Ferro, a ski lodge/condo rented by Vagabondish’s Mike Richard, a mountaintop gala featuring burger-shaped desserts, a Western-themed BBQ, and a whole slew of travel bloggers, and I can’t even begin to condense the trip into a few select pictures.

That being said, I’ve collected them all into a handy Flickr set, which can be found by clicking here. View them, make a rotating computer desktop slideshow, or send me an angry e-mail for taking too many pictures, but hopefully you’ll enjoy them and perhaps consider attending the 2013 edition.

[TBEX 2012 by Matt Stabile/Flickr]

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