Top 5 Reasons Travelers Are Sexy

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As if you needed another excuse to travel. A recent survey conducted by an Australian-based travel agency revealed that traveling may be the single most important attribute you should advertise on your sketchy online dating profile.

Apparently traveling is one of the most attractive traits for single coeds.

I mean come on, tell us something we don’t know. Of course we travelers are downright sexy. And we have the unparalleled humility to match.

Consider our qualities:

1) Our chiseled abdominal muscles (sculpted from hours of backpacking and sprinting to catch that unexpected on-time flight).

2) Our worldly up-for-anything attitude.

3) Our adorable, laid-back hair that seems to naturally dread after a week without proper washing or combing.

4) Our tanned (often wrinkle-free) skin.

5) Our abnormally high tolerance for alcohol.

Of course we attract members of the opposite sex like moths to a flame.

We’re the modern day pioneers. Lewis and Clark. Columbus. Marco Polo. Darwin. Shackleton. Peary. They have nothing on the global charisma our personalities offer. As modern travelers, we can get along with anyone, we can sleep anywhere, we can live on ten dollars a day and (we think) we can survive anything for the sake of a memorable story. Our sense of direction is unrivaled and our instincts — rock-solid. If these qualities don’t attract a suitable mate, I don’t know what does.


After mulling over the survey (and coming to the conclusion that it is positively correct in its assessment), I wondered why travelers are so alluring. Perhaps it’s their temporary existence. Consider Fleet Week in New York City, that late-May celebration which sends Sex and the City fans (yes I’m referring to designer shoe-crazed women), into an even further frenzy.

What makes these men so attractive? Are women drawn to their uniforms? Their prestige? No. I think we like their (no puns) fleeting nature. We know they can’t stick around, so the challenge of ensnaring them is presented.

When a traveler rolls through town, the chase is on — and that’s the key. The old adages are correct: The grass is always greener on the other side. We want what we can’t have.

And in those rare instances when that road romance actually works out?

My friends, that is true love.

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By Jenna Blumenfeld


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