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Traveling is Sexy

All Those Months On The Road Were Actually Making You Sexier

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

“Tell me baby, where have you been?”

“Oh, baby, I’ve been everywhere. From the temples of Tibet to the beaches of Barcelona. Do you like that?”

“Oh yes! Tell me more. Please tell me more.”

“After college I took a gap year — went all over Europe.”

“Yes. Keep going!”

“I studied abroad in Norway one semester and during the breaks I traveled to Sweden.”


“And Denmark — ”

“Yes! Where else? Where else did you go?”

“Everywhere baby! I’ve been everywhere!”

Perhaps the only thing that attracts me more than a hipster girl reading a book alone at the edge of a dive bar is a traveling girl with a craze for throwing her essentials into an oversized pack, hailing a cab, catching a plane and throwing her hot self to some far-flung corner of the world.

I think that instead of investing in expensive cosmetic surgery, people would be better off buying a plane ticket. Traveling is not only awesome but travelers are the sexiest thing ever to come to Sexy Town.

And it’s not just me who thinks so. According to the New Zeland Herald’s aptly titled article, “Travel’s sexy . . . and the Aussies know it,” a survey of Australians found that of all the characteristics that make a potential date most appealing, travel is number one.

Jo Stewart, a spokeswoman for an online dating site was quoted in the article saying, “Travelers are generally considered curious about the world, open-minded and adventurous — all of which are attractive qualities.”

That’s right traveler, all those months you’ve logged on the road were doing more than just giving you cooler Facebook albums than your stay-at-home friends and draining your bank account. Without knowing it you were also sexifying yourself, making you more attractive to a potential partner.

It makes sense now, doesn’t it, why every hostel has romance coursing through the air like dust? What do we think is going to happen when a sect of the sexiest people on the planet (travelers, holla!) are forced to share a dorm room?

All this bodes very well for everyone’s self esteem here at The Expeditioner. Nothing is official yet, but talks are underway. We’re thinking about adding an S in front of the E.


By Luke Maguire Armstrong


About the Author

LukeArmstrongAfter setting out to hitchhike from Chile to Alaska, Luke Maguire Armstrong stopped in Guatemala where he spent four years directing the social service programs of the charity Nuestros Ahijados. He is the curator of the high energy humor site, Rabble Rouse The World, and his book of poetry, iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About (available for sale on is especially enjoyed by people who “don’t read poetry.” He also just sold out and launched a personal blog, Travel. Write. Sing.

(Follow Luke on Twitter: @lukespartacus). 

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