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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Attention all travel bloggers, I am in the process of putting together a list that I will publish of the top 100 travel blogs ranked by the number of unique visitors per month, and I invite you to submit your site to me for ranking.

Another Travel Blog List? What Makes This One Different?

I am more than aware that there are a few other sites that have their own list of the “top” travel blogs. However, each has their own subjective means of ranking sites, using everything from Alexa scores, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, estimated traffic, inbound Google links, SEOmoz rank, and even subjective design criteria.

My list will be different, with the goal of being the most objective and accurate. I will be ranking sites, from 1 to 100, based solely on unique monthly visitors over a 3-month period.

Why this metric? Simple, it’s the most accurate, best picture of a site’s traffic. As everyone knows, Alexa is not very accurate and can be easily manipulated. Inbound links are a great sign of SEO, but just because a site does well with Google doesn’t mean it gets a lot of eyeballs. Twitter followers are great, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into site readers.

Quite simply, unique visitors is the one metric that most accurately reflects a site’s size.

Why Should I Submit My Site?

I understand that just because a site gets the most number of unique visitors doesn’t mean it’s the highest quality site. You may have the best written, best designed, most engaging site, but that does not necessarily mean you have a lot of readers, and I completely respect that.

I am not trying to create a list of the best, or the most useful, or the most professional travel blogs. I simply want to create the most accurate list of the most visited blogs. Just as the weekend box office doesn’t necessarily mean the top-grossing movie is the best movie out there, I am not trying to categorize content, I simply want to create an unbiased, objective list of travel blogs for research purposes.

What Benefits Do I Get Out Of Submitting?

As bloggers work more closely with advertisers, it is becoming more and more important to have an objective, unbiased metric by which bloggers can provide potential advertisers an instrument to represent how their travel blog ranks in the world.

By submitting your site for ranking, you will have a hard, concrete number going forward to help represent your site.

Further, just as one reads an article about the top 100 albums ever made, I hope this list will serve as a useful guide and/or starting point for travelers and readers around the world looking to explore our vibrant and eclectic travel blogging community. Hopefully this list will help expose your site to new readers, and will allow our community to grow and expand its reach to new readers.

What If I Don’t Want To Submit?

No problem, I will not include any sites that do not voluntarily submit their sites for ranking. I understand that by doing this, there will be certain sites that are left off the list, thus affecting the complete accuracy of the list, but the more participants there are, the more accurate the list will be.

Is This Data Private?

Yes! I promise that the numbers provided to me will be kept 100% confidential, and will not be shared with absolutely anyone, and that the specific data provided to me will never, in any means or fashion, be shared or used for a commercial purpose. I will only be ranking sites from 1 – 100, and will not be publishing the actual number of unique visitors. I understand that for some people, traffic numbers are considered confidential, and in the interest of having as many sites included as possible, I promise to keep all information private forever.

How Do I Submit?

Simply e-mail me at [email protected] with a screenshot image of your Google Analytics overview results that reflect your Unique Visitors for the time period of April 1 to June 30. For accuracy, I will only be using Google Analytics data, and cannot accept any other form of analytics (such as your server’s data results, etc…).

Using a 3-month time period will help compensate for any sites that may have had an unusual spike upward or downward blip in their traffic for a particular month. Further, solely using Google Analytics will help avoid any discrepancies between different servers.

How Do I Take A Screenshot?

This site shows you how: Simply paste the image of your Google Analytics overview results for April 1 – June 30 into an image editing program and e-mail me the picture. That’s all there is to it.

When Will The Results Be Published?

I will publish the rankings in mid-September. I will then subsequently e-mail site owners on a quarterly basis and update the list every three months with everyone’s new numbers to help keep the list as up-to-date and accurate as possible.


Thanks everyone for your time, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at any time at: [email protected]

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