Give Something Up And You Could Win A Trip To New Zealand For You And Three Friends [Travel Contest]

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Tourism New Zealand has decided that maybe the best way to turn people onto a travel contest where they give something away is to encourage people to get rid of something else, or to be more exact, to tell the world why there’s no physical object in the world that is worth more than your own life experiences.

Free Trip to New Zealand for You and Three Friends. Umm, Yeah!

The contest, Stories Beat Stuff, is the chance for travelers to trade a physical object or objects that they value for the chance to win a free experience of a lifetime in New Zealand, which if you hadn’t noticed, is kicking off its summer just as those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are heading in the opposite direction.

The Details

To enter all you’ve got to do head over to the Stories Beat Stuff page here, and submit a video or a photo of what you would trade for a trip to New Zealand. Don’t forget to choose three of your best friends that you want to come along with you, and then share your entry round via Facebook/ Google+/ Twitter to get as many votes as possible. Remember, the more creative your trade, the more chance you’ll win.

City or Country? Hard Decisions . . .

Participants in the Stories Beat Stuff competition actually have the chance to choose which amazing adventure they’d like to experience in the land of kiwis and Lord of the Rings.

Culture Kaboom offers visitors to chance to visit the countryside to experience the land’s thermal wonders, its over 50 volcanoes, boiling mud pools, steaming geysers and a hot water beach. Then, in true local style, you can dig a hangi and cook a traditional meal one evening, then hang out at the pub and fish for your dinner on another. In other words, you’ll feel like a kiwi in no time.

For those looking for the big city treatment, City Splendour offers you the chance to stick around the more developed parts of the country and go from whale watching to checking out the latest local band all in one afternoon. Your trip will include time spent in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in style. One minute you may be sipping coffee at a beachside cafe, next thing you know be shopping designer labels at a local boutique. Don’t forget world-class art, inner-city gondola rides and nights out in the club.

Even better, there is also a second prize draw just for voting. Just head to the site and vote for an entry and be entered to win flights for two to New Zealand.

In the interest of providing steep competition to the otherwise competitive and crowded field, I have decided to enter the contest myself, presenting the proposition that I would give up my beard trimmer for the prospect of a trip to New Zealand. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing one hates to do more while traveling than shave. Not only does it take up precious time that could better be spent exploring, eating, drinking, snorkeling and/or hammocking, but there’s nothing that says “intrepid/rugged traveller ” like a bushy multi-week beard prone to cereal milk collection and gnat infestation. This, New Zealand, is the prospect you face if I win.

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