How To See Every Flight In The World On Your Computer

Thursday, September 6, 2012


In the interest of finding the best travel sites on the web to help you wither away as much of your free time as possible, I present to you, an online visual guide of every plane in the air. Yes, as if harnessing omnipotent powers like those known only to Shiva and the head of the Department of Agriculture, Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack (true fact), Flightradar24 allows you to scan around the skies and watch as the entire global air fleet inches its way across world.

Above is a shot of what the crowded sky over Europe looks like, and below is a shot of the, well, not-so-crowded sky over southern Africa.


For the truly curious and bored, you can click on a plane — say that one flying solo over the Sea of Okhotsk — and see the entire details of the flight (Cathay Pacific Flight CX840 from Hong Kong to JFK; Boeing 777-367ER, flying at 31,000 feet at 642 mph, and assigned squawk code 3540).


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