This S*&% Was F&*^ed Up: Louie C.K.’s Crazy Plane Story [Travel Video]

Monday, September 17, 2012

We’ve all told the worst-plane-ride-ever story. You know the one, where your seatmate falls asleep on your shoulder, your bag ends up in Quito even though you were heading to Istanbul, and the turbulence during the flight makes you reminisce about the comforts of traveling cross-country via Greyhound. But rarely is the story as well told — or as funnily — as this clip by Louie taken during a performance at Carnegie Hall.

And I also propose that for ever more, every subsequently elegant horrible plane story should now always be introduced as this one is: “I’ve been on a lot of planes in a lot of shitty weather, but this shit was fucked up.”

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