How To Indulge Your Inner Sweden (You Know You Have One)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The chances you’re going to have any run-ins while visiting Sweden with any brooding, teenage vampires; maniacal, neo-fascist manufacturing magnates; or new fathers displeased with their forced 60-day paternity leaves are probably slim to none (sorry).

However, if you’re looking to explore some of the sites around Stockholm and the rest of the country made famous by Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, Let the Right One In or any of the countless books that make up the Swedish crime fiction genre, then you should check out the newly launched site If you’re simply on the lookout for some new fathers sans a care in the world, head to any Stockholm neighborhood cafe during a mid-week afternoon and you should be in luck. is a joint venture by the Embassy of Sweden, Consulate General of Sweden in NYC & VisitSweden, and seeks to capitalize on the world’s seemingly endless fascination with all things Sweden by providing videos, articles and tips on where to indulge your interest in Swedish culture. The site includes links to where you can find many of the sites name-checked in the Millennium trilogy, ideas on boning up on your Swedish fiction reading and a contest where you can win a trip for two to Stockholm including airfare and accommodations.

The site also features video interviews with people involved in the film production of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (above), and a section that attempts to set the record straight on issues like the Swedish welfare system, Bergmanesque melancholia, parental leave and male feminists. (Don’t pretend like you know anything about any of those topics.)

As Public Diplomacy and Press Counselor Gabriella Augustsson at the Embassy of Sweden notes, “It’s a unique site that explores the image of Sweden depicted in crime fiction, whether it be film or literature. If you’re a fan of Stieg Larsson, then Åsa Larsson, Henning Mankell and Camilla Läckberg are other major Swedish crime novelists to investigate.”

For more information check out or talk to my neighbors.

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