Time To Rejoice, Arapahoe Basin Is Open

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time To Rejoice, Arapahoe Basin Is Open3

It’s what every ski nut waits for. After the biking. After the hiking. After the fourteeners. After the sailing. These summer activities, while fun, have really only been holding place for the addictive sport of the winter season: skiing.

Wax your skis and polish your goggles, because the Colorado ski season is officially open. Well, at least one ski area is officially open. Yesterday, Arapahoe Basin unleashed its floodgates to the teeming mass of Gore-Tex-clad shredders, carvaholics, and yea, plain ‘ol skiers too.

While conditions were manufactured (there was a good deal of snow-making action occurring at the mountain), it really isn’t a point of how many runs were open, or how gnarly the slopes were. Rather, this signals the commencement of the Colorado season. No more must we putz aimlessly around our houses, pining for the days we can strap slabs to our feet and slide down a mountain.

Check out these photos. And refrain from lamenting that you weren’t there.

Time To Rejoice, Arapahoe Basin Is Open3

Time To Rejoice, Arapahoe Basin Is Open3

Time To Rejoice, Arapahoe Basin Is Open4

So how will you get to A-Basin this winter? Check out some of these deals on the horizon.

Try buying tickets on A-Basin’s website. “Current lift ticket window pricing will run through December 21, 2012, with adult (19+ years) full-day tickets priced at $64, youth (15-18 years) window tickets priced at $54 and child (6-14 years) window tickets priced at $32,” according to a press release.

Alternatively, try visiting our fave ski site, Liftopia, a website that offers comparatively low prices — especially if you have the foresight to buy them before peak season.

Or, you can kick it dirtbag style and skin up the mountain for free — most resorts are on public land.

Tune back to The Expeditioner in coming weeks for exclusive Colorado ski-scene coverage and to get your fix for winter sports.

By Jenna Blumenfeld


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