This Stylish Wrinkle-Free Blazer Is Your New Travel Best Friend

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


There comes a time in every traveling man’s life when he reaches that point when he would like to substitute out that go-to travel hoodie for something a little more — dare I say? — sophisticated. Of course, said hoodie has many benefits, the least of which are the ability to roll it up in a ball and pack it away under the seat while on the plane or cram it into the bottom of the suitcase until needed, something you wouldn’t get away with wearing the traditional blazer — until now.

Bluffworks, the makers of the wrinkle-free, multi-pocketed pants and related chinos (they raised a quarter of a million dollars alone on their first two Kickstarter campaigns) have launched their newest product via Kickstarter: The Blazer by Bluffworks. This machine-washable, wrinkle-free stylish blazer is sure to attract the attention of any serious traveler or stylish gent who loves the idea of owning a carefree jacket. [UPDATE: The Bluffworks Travel Blazer is now available for sale on their site.]


Stefan Loble, founder of Bluffworks, came up with the idea to address his desire for a blazer “he didn’t have to baby.” A blazer someone could wear nonstop, keep them warm on a plane, would look good in the office, appear stylish on the street, and would be appropriate for a visit to a nice restaurant or a museum.

The jacket features seven pockets (two of which are hidden), is styled in a variety of sizes and lengths, and comes in both Charcoal Heather and Navy Heather colors. As mentioned, if and when you need to clean it, simply throw it in the washer and hang it up for 5-10 minutes to dry and it’s good as new, perfect for recovering from potential spills at the bar the night before or cleaning up from dust or dirt accumulated while trekking outside.

I had the privilege of testing one out this week as the temperatures dropped here in New York, and simply put, the Bluffworks Blazer has now joined my essential packing items I will be bringing on every trip along with my phone, camera and passport. I love this blazer, and I can’t wait to bring it with me around the world.

I loved the feel of the blazer — sturdy and warm, but not too overbearing — and quite frankly, I think I looked pretty darn snazzy in it. I could easily see wearing the jacket both while in transit as well as when I am out on the town.



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