My Pick For The Perfect Travel Holiday Present

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Travel Presents Christmas Black Friday

It’s that time of year where we all struggle with the challenge of buying holiday gifts for those who love to travel. What to buy? Airplane tickets (yes, please)? Memorable experiences (easier said than done)? Travel-size toiletries (practical, but not really what we’re going for here)?

That’s why I decided to highlight one of my favorite travel apparel companies, Bluffworks, whose travel blazers, pants, shorts and shirts are not only useful for travel lovers in your life, but also make quality, memorable gifts (my shipping address can be provided to those interested). Everything is wrinkle resistant, quick drying, breathable and includes hidden pockets, perfect for travel all around.

Right now Bluffworks is running a massive, 30% off Black Friday sale for all of their travel apparel that will be running through Black Friday and until Cyber Monday (November 27). You don’t even have to enter a coupon code, just head to the site and shop.


Click here to explore the Bluffworks blazers.


Click here to explore the Bluffworks pants collection.


Click here to explore the Bluffworks shirt collection.


Click here to explore the Bluffworks shorts collection.

It’s hard to imagine, but if this doesn’t satisfy the travel lover in your life, then plane ticket it is. Remember, you can never go wrong choosing first class to really impress that special someone.


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