Open Call For Submissions: Poetry Written By Travelers

Monday, June 10, 2013

Call for Submissions

There are a number of books of travel poetry out there. Here we see a copy of Song of The Open Road: Poems of Travel & Adventure grazing with her offspring with a herd of bison who’ve taken to the open prairie where man, book and buffalo can still be free.

Buffalo Poetry

While the Expeditioner loves these books, (we have one in every bathroom magazine rack at The Expeditioner’s headquarters), these are not the kind of poems we are looking for.

This book is great, but it’s poetry about travel. The Expeditioner is looking for poetry written by travelers. We think there is an important distinction, and to prove it, we are going to be publishing in paperback, Voyaging Verse: A Collection, in the Fall of 2013.

Based on extensive Google searches conducted in between bites of my sandwich, I have concluded that no such book exists.

This is not just a call for submission — despite this post’s title —  it’s really a call to action. We’re biased of course, but we believe that travelling is not just about seeing things, but discovering something inside of ourselves. People who spend their time seeing the world have a lot of insight to offer and we can think of no more beautiful way to convey this than through poetry.

Poetry, like travel, is another sort of search for meaning. Submissions are open through July. Please submit 2-5 poems of any length to Luke [at] TheExpeditoner [dot] com for consideration.

Please help us put together the highest quality book of voyaging verses we can by spreading the world to your other rambling amigos. Below is a flyer that can be printed out and placed in locales sure to be frequented by travelers (hostels, large sailing vessels, airports, the back of Rolf Potts’ shirt).

Voyaging Verse

Click here for a PDF version.

By Luke Maguire Armstrong


About the Author

A Promise Stretching Through Time In Kenya After setting out to hitchhike from Chile to Alaska, Luke Maguire Armstrong stopped in Guatemala where he spent four years directing the social service programs of the charity Nuestros Ahijados. He is the author of iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home Aboutwhich is especially enjoyed by people “who don’t read poetry.” His new book, How We Are Human, was recently released. (Follow Luke on Twitter: @lukespartacus)

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