India Is Home To The World’s Biggest Outdoor Laundromat

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Lest you think all records in The Guinness Book of World Records are inane, useless markers of time-poorly-spent by various humans around the world, consider this one: Mumbai’s Dhobi Ghat was noted as the record holder for the “most people hand-washing clothes simultaneously at a single location” in March 2011. Take that guy who attached 150 clothespins to his face.

The Globe and Mail has this great photo essay about the ghat, chronicling its history and portraying what everyday life is like for the workers there.

As the piece notes, “Dhobi Ghat is where Mumbai’s traditional laundrymen work in the open to wash clothes from different parts of the city. The open air laundry has about 700 washing platforms made of stones where about 200 washer-men families have been washing clothes as their family business for decades.”

[Mumbai boasts the world’s largest open air laundry via The Globe and Mail]

By Matt Stabile



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