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Travel Smarter With P^cubed Pick Pocket Proof Pants - The Expeditioner Travel Magazine

Pack The Pants James Bond Would Wear If He Were A Backpacker

Friday, December 7, 2012

Everyday, people all over the world wake up and put on pants. With their britches donned, they dash off to class, their tractors, their grocery stores, the nearest mall or to their offices where they will spend their day in trousers sitting in cubicles, compulsively checking their Facebook status and avoiding eye contact with upper management.

One faction of intrepid pants-wearers have no idea where the morning will lead them. That day they may scamper through Asian markets, board Central American buses, walk through foreign central squares overrun with pickpocketers or hike jungle trails. These, the traveling sect, often wear the same pants as everyone else, instead of gear designed specifically for their plucky lifestyle.

Clothes are about more than just hiding nakedness. They are tools that serve a function. Being someone who has had four iPods stolen abroad in the last five years, I can tell you keeping your valuables on your person is not always easy. It’s good to have some support on the front lines, and P^Cubed Travel Pants from Clothing Arts are designed with you, the traveler in mind.

This week I got my legs into a pair of these pants (a pair of which Clothing Arts provided to me for this review), and I gave them a test drive. Having worn pants for 27 years, I consider myself an expert. The first thing I did was analyze the most important feature: girl-ability. I was at a potluck and asked two girls I’d just met what they thought of them. They said they were nice pants and looked good. Score!

They also felt pretty good. Early on in my pants experience, I decided  that the P^Cubed Pants were the sort of pants James Bond would wear. The pants come in both adventure (cargo-style) and business (sans side pockets) style. The adventure style are made from 25% nylon and 75% cotton canvas, and whose 10-pound tearing strength make them “bomb proof” (finally!). The business-style clock in at comfortable 100% cotton twill. Both models have four built-in money belts.

Unless unconsciousness is involved, I can’t really imagine a pickpocket’s fingers touching anything in these pants. The standard side pockets have an inner pocket inside them, protected by a zipper, sealed off by The P^Cubed-buttoned pocket guard. The expandable cargo pockets also contain inner pockets buffered by buttons and sealed off by snaps. Throw in a detachable water bottle pouch and seal the deal with water/oil-resist stain-releasing Teflon fabric protector, and you’re left with a pair of road pants that deliver everything you could reasonably ask for out of an article clothing. I think the only thing these pants don’t do is make phone calls. I know: I tried.

The back pockets are big enough for your Lonely Planet, and they will work as well with a blazer for a soirée in Paris as they will for a  twenty-mile trek into the Australian bush. When I go to Kenya next month, my P^Cubed’s are going to be the first pants I pack.

[Clothing Arts Website]

By Luke Maguire Armstrong


About the Author

 Luke Maguire Armstrong ( once fought a bear and almost died. Haters later claimed it was “only a raccoon” and that he was acting like “a little girl.” After spending five years in Latin America,  four spent directing the social service programs of the charity Nuestros Ahijados in Guatemala, he’s turned up in New York City because he heard that they have great Thai food. He is the author of iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About (available for sale on his newest bookHow We Are Human. Follow @LukeSpartacus.

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