Travel Gear Review: The Dakota Clip Clock

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Is it me or has anyone else had an issue with finding a good, sturdy, convenient and user-friendly travel alarm clock to take with them on their travels? I’ve been using the same cheapo plastic one I picked up at K-Mart years ago (yes, there’s a K-Mart in New York City; no, I can’t name another item that I purchased from there other than said clock).

Lucky for me, I run this blog, and once in a while companies send me free stuff to review and/or gab about in a post. Also lucky for me, a recent item that was sent my way was the Digital Clip Clock made by and available through Dakota Watch Company.

The Clip Clock is essentially a heavy-duty alarm clock built within a sturdy metal frame featuring a fold-out carabiner attached to its bottom. It’s as if a Swiss watchmaker went on a bender and woke up in Boulder.

DSC_0004 (2)

Besides the obvious functionality of the carabiner (admit it, if it’s not clipped to you, you’re losing it somewhere on the train from Mumbai to Jaipur), it also acts as a mini-kickstand, allowing the clock to sit upright like a regular nightstand clock. It also tells the time, which, you know, is pretty important for a clock.

It seems extremely sturdy as well. I’ve basically used it in the context of my bedroom, so I haven’t really exposed it to any sort of drop test or buried it under a mound of mud to see how it holds up after a week, but my guess is it would hold up quite well — probably much better than my current alarm clock (see above).

DSC_0002 (2)

The clock retails for $45, or you can try to steal it form the fisherman pictured above. But good luck with that — this guy snagged lunch with his own hands by the time you were rolling out of bed this morning.


If you’re interested in checking out the other varieties of colors they offer or to order your own, visit the Dakota Watch Company Clip Clock page here.


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