The Travel Billow Wants To Solve Your Overloaded Bag Problem

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Travel Billow

Just like sentences, in the world of product design, complicated doesn’t always equal better. Enter the Travel Billow: a two-for-one travel pillow and blanket that solves the problem of having to lug extraneous items on the plane with you. And no, it’s not a babysitter.

The Travel Billow is an inflatable pillow that, when uninflated, stores a 50″ x 66″ fleece blanket within itself, creating a comfy neck rest for your trip. When it’s time to tuck in for a long nap, remove the blanket and inflate the pillow, and now you’ve got a two-in-one sleeping device. Not astrophysics, but a great product real people could use.

Now for other two-in-one travel devices that I want to be created soon: airplane window/pillow, seat neighbor/supermodel and tray table/tablet computer. If anyone creates any of these, I want 10%.

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