TravelCard: The Ultimate Charger For Those On The Road

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Have any doubt there’s a huge demand for small, easy-to-use chargers for portable devices? Look no further than the recently announced TravelCard, a credit card-sized charger for iPhones and Android devices, whose Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,500 not only met its goal in a compact 48 hours, but has gone on to raise nearly $30,000 in total less than two weeks.

The charger itself is the exact size of a credit card, 3/16″ (4.77mm) thick and weighing only 2 oz. (56.7g), and will come in four different colors: White, Black, Silver, and Sapphire Blue. It will also feature either a Lightning connection for your apple products, or Micro USB for your Android devices.

Once charged up, it will be able to deliver up to 5 hours of talk time, or 4 /12 hours of internet use.

Needles to say, Go Design — the brains behind the charger, have met their fundraising goal, but are still accepting backers whose $40 will give them first dibs on their very own charger ($5 cheaper than the anticipated retail price of $45).

To get your hands on the first release of TravelCard, visit their Kickstarter page here.

By Matt Stabile



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