London Was The Most Visited City In The World Last Year

Thursday, May 8, 2014


According to statistics released today, London took the crown as the most visited city in the world for 2013, with an estimated 16.8 million visitors in 2013, more than a million more visitors than in 2006, its previous record year.

Buoyed by a huge amount of publicity following a little sporting event called the Olympics (and the Rugby World Cup), visitors to London swarmed to the English capital, spending nearly $19 billion dollars on everything from hotels to Will and Kate Pez dispensers.

The most visitors to London came from nearby France and Germany, but the most money was spent by those from the Middle East, who plunked down the equivalent of $293 per day per person.

However, it should be noted, these numbers are not in line with findings from MasterCard, whose researchers estimated that Bangkok was in fact the most visited country in the world with 15.98 million visitors, beating out London by 200,000 visitors.

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