New Zealand Officially Issues The Coolest Passport Stamp, Ever

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Ever kind of think that New Zealand is taking this whole Lord of the Rings thing too seriously?

First came the Air New Zealand The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey-themed airline safety video, complete with a Peter Jackson cameo, and now comes word of their new Middle Earth passport stamp. Yes, a government-sanctioned stamp signifying a country’s official seal of approval of your allowance into their country is now being used as a promotional tool for a fictional land that closely resembles New Zealand sheep country.

The above picture was tweeted by Michael Tritter, Senior Vice President of Interactive Marketing for Warner Brothers, upon his arrival in New Zealand. Though initially thought to simply be a publicity stunt — okay, definitely a publicity stunt — it turns out, via confirmation from Tritter, that a regular-old, boring New Zealand stamp is included in your passport as well.

Though having this stamp is fun in it of itself, the best part would have to be this: For the life of your passport, this stamp would ensure that you would be the winner in every bar contest where participants bet each other over who had the coolest and most exotic passport stamp.

(Feel free to work in your own Gandalf-inspired “You shall pass — customs” reference here.)

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