This Is What It’s Like To Fly China Airlines’ New 777

Saturday, February 14, 2015

China Airlines, Taiwan’s largest airline, recently introduced three new Boeing 777-300ERs into its fleet. Three 777s that offer one of the most pleasurable and memorable experiences you are allowed to have while flying without breaking any international air treaties.

777_300ER China Airlines Seat Configuration

The new 358-seat 777s offer 40 Premium Business Class seats, 62 Premium Economy Class seats, and 256 Economy Class seats, along with an interior intended to reflect traditional design infused with modern Asian artistry. In other words, rather than focusing on getting you from point “A” to point “B”, China Airlines is hoping to make your flight both comfortable and relaxing, two words not often associated with modern air travel.

The Design

China Airlines won the 2014 Golden Pin Design Award for “Best Design of the Year” with its NexGen 777 cabin design, a design spearheaded by Chief Designer Ray Chen. The cabin’s design, featuring a wood-grain design and mood lighting, are what Chen describes as a “reinterpretation of classic aesthetics through Taiwanese lens, encapsulating China Airlines’ brand essence and evolution.”

China Airlines 777 new-business-cabin

Premium Business Class

Of course, what most everyone is most interested in are the details about the Premium Business Class section. While staying up front, you can expect:

• 180° Full-flat beds
• Ergonomic memory foam cushion
• Storage compartment in adjustable armrest which levels with the full-flat bed
• 18” Personal Entertainment Touch-screen panel, largest of any Taiwanese airlines featuring AVOD (Audio Video on Demand)
• User-friendly touch-screen passenger control panel to adjust seat recline, reading light for seating comfort and flying pleasure
• Multi-function access cabinet includes power outlet, 2 USB ports, 4.1” Touch-screen remote control, noise-canceling headphone socket
• The inflight entertainment system features “Seat Chat”, a unique social chat function for sharing movies, music and messaging with other passengers
• Sky Lounge, an innovative unique club space offering a selection of reading material as well as refreshments, full bar and beverages emphasizing international wines, teas and coffees of Taiwan

Premium Economy Class

Economy Class

Things aren’t all that bad in the rest of the plane either. The plane’s new Premium Economy Class features expanded 39-inch legroom and a fixed backshell design, with plenty of room to avoid bothering those around you.

While back in Economy Class, the new seatbacks were designed to be thinner than traditional seats, and they allow you to recline back nearly 120 degrees.

Family Couch 1

And in case you’re traveling with your family or you are really close to the co-workers you are with, the plane offers Asia’s first Family Couch — a feature where three adjacent seats can raise their footrests, converting their seats into a single sofa bed. The Family Couch comes with a mattress, pillows, blankets, and specially designed seatbelts to give passengers a comfortable, flexible personal space.

Seat Chat

In-Flight Entertainment System

The new aircraft is equipped with the Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment system featuring a fun new social networking function called “Seat Chat” that allows passengers on the same flight to message each other.

The in-flight entertainment system also boasts the industry’s biggest screens: 18-inch screen in Premium Business Class, 12.1-inch screen in Premium Economy Class, and 11.1-inch screen in Economy Class. Once you get up to 10,000 feet, passengers can enjoy Wi-Fi service for a fee starting at US$11.95 for one hour, US$16.95 for three hours, and US$21.95 for 24 hours.

Sky Lounge 1

Sky Lounge

But back to Premium Business Class. This section of the plane is home to what everyone wants: an amazing bar. The Sky Lounge in the first galley offers flyers self-service drinks, along with the opportunity for relaxation and conversation with other passengers.

The Sky Lounge is divided up into three different sections. The Eastern “Literary Tea-tasting Area” offers selected teas from Taiwan, as well as small packs of green bean cake and nuts to compliment the tea. The Western “Fashionable Coffee Area” on the right provides aromatic coffee in coffee capsules and locally grown coffee that go well with Western pastry. The bar in the middle offers cocktails, tapas and cup noodles.

The wood-grain bookshelves along the sides of the lounge is home to monthly magazines and an offering of books in both Chinese and English.

Premium Business Class Mood Lighting 1

In short, if you’re looking to experience some of the best of what flying offers today, look no further than here. China Airlines’ new 777s will quite simply offer you a flying experience unlike anything you’ve had before.


By China Airlines / China Airlines Twitter

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