Kayak Reveals The Cheapest Month To Book Your Flight

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


You’d think the people over at Kayak would have less to worry about than saving money on airfare given their recent sale to Priceline for a cool $1.8 billion.

But lucky for us, they don’t, and with the vast amount of airfare data in their possession, along with the help of the high-octane team of statisticians employed by Priceline, and presumably a locked room full of monkeys typing on calculators, Kayak has determined the best months to fly, and where to go to find deals.

Here’s the kicker: In a first here at TheExpeditioner, to get all this information, you’re going to have to listen to the above radio clip with Jessica Casano-Antonellis of Kayak who was recently interviewed on NPR’s The Brian Lehrer Show.

For those of you confused when I throw out words like “radio” and “listen,” just think of this clip as an excerpt from a podcast from a wooden box often found in retirement homes and security guard stations.

For those of you looking for the gist of the interview, Casano-Antonellis has this to say:

  • Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Tokyo, Mumbai and Nashville all experienced more visitors 2012 but did not see a noticeable spike in airfare.
  • Domestically, September was the cheapest month to travel; average fares dropped to a low of $296.9 (August was the cheapest for the summer).
  • Internationally, February and March are the cheapest months to fly with average airfares at $945.38 and $950.00, respectively.

By Matt Stabile



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