Kermit The Frog: He’s Been More Places Than You

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Joining the ranks of the traveling garden gnome, Kermit the Frog (an unlicensed, unaffiliated-with-official-Muppets-or-Disney-merchandising version), is traveling the world, going to more places than you’ve probably been, and gaining the sideway leers from countless of bystanders as he’s manhandled and posed into place by a doting German couple, all in the name of a good travel photo.

Kermit on Tour is the brainchild of German couple Markus and Conny Morgenroth who have have traveled 260,000 air miles and visited over 25 countries since 2006 with Kermit in tow (because who else would they memorialize in their pictures from around world — themselves?).

With trips to Singapore, Australia, India, Italy, China and the U.S., Kermit’s racked up some serious miles, and has even garnered some news coverage, including a mention on an Australian morning show and an interview with German television (and, of course, a shout-out here).


If you’re interested in following along and seeing the many pictures (yes, some are kind of creepy in their detail), check out or, yes, follow him on Twitter, where you can give him some advice on travel in Brazil.

By Matt Stabile



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