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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Here’s a great new app for those heading to Paris this year. TravelbyArt is a new iPhone app that lets you discover Paris through the eyes of the city’s legendary artists, writers, singers and composers of the 20th century, with twenty curated tours that reveal the important places in the lives of such artists as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and Edith Piaf.

TravelbyArt guides the users to dozens of places in Paris where the artists lived, the studios where they worked, and of course, the restaurants and bars where they ate, gathered and met friends. Each location has its own mesmerizing story, enriched with multimedia content including excerpts from books, audio recordings, famous art works and photos. In addition, the app allows users to get to know the artists’ stories through a chronological feature that allows the user to explore, date by date, the lives of the artists.

The app also includes easy-to-follow offline maps in case you’re not using the local phone service and are relying on Wi-Fi only.

“We have been working tirelessly to make TravelbyArt app a first-class mobile travel experience. This unique approach, to follow in the steps of great artist, allows one to see Paris in a completely new way. I hope this method of time-travelling will be appealing not only for Hemingway or Picasso fans but also for everyone interested in modern culture,” explains Beata Misiewicz, the founder of TravelbyArt.

You can download TravelbyArt for iPhone for free from the App Store by searching for TravelbyArt or by clicking here.


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