Here Are The Best Makeout Spots In London [Video]

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Continuing with what is shaping up to be an unofficial video week here at The Expeditioner, I thought I’d highlight kate Thomas (, a great travel video host and filmmaker (and friend of the site).

I asked her to describe her travel video series and to give a little background as to why she wanted to check out the best makeout spots in London (besides the obvious reasons).

Here’s what she said:

My video series is all about the hyper-local travel experience; connecting with interesting locals who can give me a unique take on their own city, and this video was no exception.

Sarah Bennetto, my featured local, is a very funny stand-up comedian and radio DJ. I asked her to give me an insider look at her neighborhood. Our first idea was to showcase the evolving coffee scene in London. Coffee is going through a revolution there. Many immigrants from New Zealand and Australia are opening up the best coffee shops around town — many with their own imported beans.

Sarah, an Australian coffee aficionado, seemed like a great person to show me the London coffee movement on camera, but then she mentioned she had been compiling a list of romantic spots around town for dates and for making out. And, well, that idea captured my attention immediately. A coffee shop is a coffee shop, but a great make-out spot can transform a trip or a weekend into a gem.

For more about Kate, visit her YouTube Channel here, or follow her on Twitter: @KateLThomas.

By Matt Stabile


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