The First Burning Man Video I’ve Seen That Made Me Wish I Had Gone

Monday, September 29, 2014

I have to say, the videos and images that I’ve seen coming out of Burning Man this year haven’t exactly blown me away or helped to relieve that nagging feeling I’ve been getting since at least last year that the event has officially jumped the shark.

Of course, coming from someone who has never been himself, I’m not in much of a position one way or the other to judge whether an event that I probably had only heard of about 5 years ago has departed from its original “coolness.” But there hasn’t been much I’ve seen or heard that has made me think otherwise during the post-Burning Man last few weeks.

However, this video from the always enjoyable and probably somewhat unhinged (in a good way) Ari Fararooy actually intrigued me and made me wish I had experienced the craziness myself. Click play and enjoy what Ari described as a week that “felt like a really trippy, lucid dream.”

[Burning Moments by Ari Fararooy/Vimeo]


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