Travel Guide to Maui, Hawaii (Part 3)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In part three of my travel video series from Maui, Hawaii, I start off the day by heading back up the side of Haleakala Volcano, then lunging my body of the side of the hillside (okay, I was paragliding). As I floated thousands of feet above ground, I was given a unique viewpoint of the island, and even lived to tell about it (and make this video).

Next I head out onto the open water on a sailing outrigger canoe (a canoe with a lateral support on its side in traditional Polynesian fashion), and take to the water to go snorkeling, which included a couple sea turtle sightings.

Last, I finish up the day with fish tacos at Coconut’s (which, to this day, are probably some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had), and shave ice for dessert, the classic Hawaii dessert consisting of shaved ice inundated with flavored syrups.

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By Matt Stabile



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