Tunisia: This Is How You Want To Experience North Africa

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting North Africa, but have had questions as to where to go given the — oh how should we say? — difficult political tensions that are prevalent throughout much of the region, than this video should help nudge you along the say. The answer seems to be Tunisia.

Yes, Tunisia, that small spit of land nestled between Algeria and Libya that, from the looks of this video from Vimeo user Luca Miranda, seems to have it all: desert oases, groves of fig trees, ever-present Mediterranean sun, a unique culture and Saharan sand that stretches deep into the imagination.

If this amazing footage — complete with GoPro drone footage for added bonus — doesn’t have you re-thinking your plans to travel to the country, than nothing will.

[Tunisia 2014 by Luca Miranda/Vimeo]


By Matt Stabile / The Expeditioner Twitter Matt Stabile Google+

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