What’s It Like To Drop Everything And Sail The World? This Man Decided To Find Out

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life on a boat, does life get any sweeter than that?

I recently came across this great short documentary about Canadian sailor/expat/dropout David Welsford called “Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat,” which takes a look at Welsford’s decision to give up the luxuries of land in search for happiness and adventure on a 50-year-old wooden boat he restored from a scrap heap.

The film, from director and cinematographer Kevin A. Fraser, has been making the rounds on the film festival circuit, including the Maui Film Festival and the Atlantic Film Festival.

Obviously, Welsford has a unique view on money and people’s relationship with it, and his thoughts made for my favorite quote of the movie: “I think I understand money, in my way of understanding money, which is, once you figure out to make enough, then go do the things the may you happy.”

[Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat]


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