An Insight Into The World Through Dance [Travel Video]

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mickela Mallozzi, friend of, recently invited me to the official New York City launch of her new travel web series, Bare Feet, where she announced that her YouTube channel is now part of the Big Frame YouTube vertical (kids and their web 2.0 lingo!). Quite an honor, and an exciting platform to expose the world to her unique form of travel.

Her aim, beside eternal fame and glory, is to see the world via dance and explore the different ways people celebrate together around the world, with a focus on music, traditional culture, and of course dance, something she knows a little bit about, having been classically trained at the Ballet School of Stamford as a dancer herself. And she’s good. Like crazy-Uncle-Ted-on-the-wedding-dance-floor-after-a-few-Old-Fashioneds-when-“Shout”-is-played good.

Her most recent video dispatches are from her time spent in Italy (episodes 1 – 5 are available now on her channel), including episode’s five depiction of the annual festival in Minturno, La Sagra Delle Regne Minturno. My Italian is a little rusty, but what I can make from the video is that the festival commemorates when vikings landed in the countryside in the 12th century and held a bake sale for gas money to get back home? (Scratch that, a review of the subtitles indicate that the festival marks the annual wheat harvest. Close.)

To see her other videos and to subscribe to her channel, check out the Bare Feet channel here.


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