Images of Ethiopia

Monday, June 28, 2010

Images of Ethiopia
By Ingetje Tadros

Early this year I decided to travel to southern Ethiopia to photograph the members of the tribes that call that area of the country home. After looking for some help on Google, I ended up with a driver who’d never been off-road before, with a guide who never showed up, and assisted by a security guard with a Kalashnikov gun but no bullets.

The following weeks were spent sleeping in a tent without any pegs, being attacked by baboons, getting threatened by the Mursi tribe, and, in the end, being completely overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of the region and the kindness of the people living there. I managed to visit and photograph members of several tribes, including the Mursi, Banna, Ari, Karo (Kara), Arbore, Hamar, Bodi and Bumi (Nyang’atom). This is the result.


You can find out more about Ingetje Tadros and see her work at her website here and her Flickr page here.

  • Yemaneh

    WOW! Now I realized that Ethiopia is more colourful than what i thought. Thanks,Ingetje.

  • Wow…this images are absolutely stunning. I have been dying to go to Africa, but even when I do, I'm not sure that I'll be brave enough to venture in as deep as you did. I can't get over these photos…they are just haunting.

  • Thanks you very much Matt for posting this and thanks to stephen and jonwick for comments, greetings, ingetje

  • So very awesome, Ingetje.

    • Hi and thank you for comment, gretings, ingetje

  • Very cool photos. Ethiopia is definitely at the top of my list for destinations in Africa.

    • Thanks Stepen for comment and yes you should put it on top of your list (but prepare:)- :)-

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