Colombia Trip: Day Seven (Caribbean Coast)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This really should have been a shitty day. Am I allowed to say “shit” on the Internet? Anyways, I woke up this morning bright and early, hoping to catch a boat out to one of the beaches in Tayrona National Park. Instead I woke to what everyone was referring to as a “weather phenomenan,” which is basically a cold front that’s not that cold but is packing a ton of rain. The streets in Santa Marta, the town where I’m staying, looked like New Orleans post-Katrina and the river near town was overflowing. To help kill time I decided on heading to one of Santa Marta’s shiny new malls, Buenavista, where I drank lots of coffee and wandered around aimlessly, wishing the rain away. Did I mention I loathe shopping? I like shopping as much as I like rain during my vacation. In the taxi on the way back I watched as townspeople were sandbagging the river and standing along the river banks, watching the river seeping into the many houses lining the river.

On the advice of someone at the hostel I decided to head south for a ten-minute ride to El Rodadero, one of the region’s premier vacation spots and nicest (but most developed) beaches. Here I munched down on some of the famed fish of this region and took in the amazing views all around me. It only took about 15 minutes of wandering along the beach until I had about 30 kids following me, shouting, and asking me questions. It was quite a scene. I kind of felt like Gandhi during his Salt March, minus the noble cause or a khadi loincloth. What an amazing end to the day. I guess, when in doubt, head to the beach.

Mmmm, lunch. Okay, I couldn’t think of a better caption. I’ve had a hard day at the beach.

These really don’t need much explanation. Amazing beaches. The sand is this odd shade of black and the water is much, much hotter than the water in my shower this morning. Guess where I’m bathing tomorrow?

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