Colombia Trip: Day Eight (Tinto and Plantains)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well if you’re wondering what this weather phenomenan looks, then click here. It’s not all bad, it’s still pretty warm and from what I’ve heard, it gets almost oppressively hot here so this may be a blessing in disguise. I’ll be heading out to the beach in Tayrona this morning to try my hand at a little snorkeling. The closest I’ve come to snorkeling in my life was looking for my goggles at the bottom of the pool at my gym, so this should be quite a step up.

Some cool things I saw from the roof of my hostel this morning around 7:30 as the city was waking up: a little girl walking to the corner of the street and calling for the tinto man — the guy that walks around the streets with about six thermoses of coffee that he dispenses right there on the street for you for about 500 pesos. Right after her I saw an older woman step out from her kitchen to buy some bananas and plantains from another vendor wandering the streets with a packed cart of fruit for sale. How’s that for service? And here I am back home, like a chump, wasting my precious energy and walking all the way to the coffee shop and store to buy my coffee and groceries.

Well that’s it so far. It’s only been 2 hours, give me a little break. There’s only so much that can go on before breakfast.

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