Take Your Very Own New York “Mad Men” Tour

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There are plenty of movie and TV related tours you can take in New York City, such as the infamous “Sex and the City” tour and the “Sopranos” tour. (Any chance of a forthcoming “Bored to Death” tour? Unlikely, but good show.)

But how about a tour in the footsteps of Don Draper? Presenting the self-guided “Mad Men” tour, courtesy of Travel + Leisure.

Eat shucked oysters where Don and Roger prepare for the Nixon account (the Oyster Bar). Grab a rooftop drink where Don shacks up in lieu of the living room couch (the Roosevelt Hotel). Shop where Rachel oversees her family retail empire (Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue).

I’ll throw one into the mix. Head to the current incarnation of Penn Station, the abomination that Sterling Cooper was going to help promote to replace the glorious old Penn Station. A good first-hand view of the importance of Preservationism.

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