Nude Travel: The Last Frontier?

Friday, February 19, 2010

I have to admit, though I have not partaken in this form of travel, the opportunity nude travel offers in the form of traveling lightly by way of packing a minimal amount of clothing is a little bit intriguing. (I’m always looking for ways to lighten my bag — as are most travelers.)

This week the Guardian visits “America’s Nudity Central,” Palm Springs, a town blessed with almost zero rain and year-round sun, perfect conditions for finally getting some sun in those hard-to-reach places. The paper visits The Terra Cotta Inn, just one of several nudist getaways where clothing-optional attire is not just relegated to late-night pool parties like most other hotels. (I can’t wait to read the comments on this one from the pro-nudist camp.)

And what kind of problems does one encounter when staying at a nude retreat? Unnatural sunburns? Uncomfortable encounters when tying one’s shoes? How about trying to figure out how to talk to each other without getting  the police called on you. “But there were difficulties: eating was a potential minefield. And whenever I spoke to anyone I was at a loss to know where to look. (I plumped for locking my eyes to theirs. ‘Here I am, naked and staring at you like a psychopath.’)”

Eh, I’m not really sold. I pack lightly as it is. Plus, I don’t have room for all that suntan lotion.

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  • Hi Matt,

    My name is Tom Mulhall. My wife and I own The Terra Cotta Inn located in sunny Palm Springs, CA. The Guardian newspaper and you are right, Palm Springs is the sunniest city in the US. We have guests from around the world vacation here because they love our resort and Palm Springs.

    The nicest nudist resorts like ours cater to couples. You will have a fun romantic time here with your significant other. That's part of the magic of nude sunbathing with the one you love.

    Problems? There really are none unless you don't use enough sunscreen or don't go into the shade from time to time (and we have both sunny and shady areas here).

    You will meet the nicest most unassuming people ever at nice nudist resorts like ours.

    You act the same here as you would at a regular hotel. In polite society, you look people in the eyes when you talk, the same is true at clothing optional resorts. Rules of society don't change when you take off your clothes. Our guests just don't have funny tan lines.

    We are the most mainstream nude resort in the US and perfect for couples trying topless and nude sunbathing for the first time. For instance just this December, our local Magazine Palm Springs Life in their Best of the Best issue, picked us as one of the 3 best boutique hotels of ALL small hotels in the whole Palm Springs area. People want to stay at our resort because we are so nice, so much fun, and such a great value.

    So Matt, you and your wife/girlfriend are invited here so you can see why we are one of the most popular of ALL resorts in Palm Springs.

    Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa

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