Shatner Paid $600 Million From Priceline? Thursday Travel Deals (Taiwan, Barcelona, China)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barcelona 5-Star Hotels for Only $98 via Priceline: Did you hear the rumors last week that Priceline hawker William Shatner may have reaped over $600 million from being paid in shares for his advertisements over the past decade? (However, Shatner himself has denied this via Twitter, saying, “It ain’t so. Relatives are coming out of the woodwork. Too bad it never happened.”) Either way, boy are those really fancy hotels in Barcelona cheap!

New York to Taipei for $927 (R/T w/taxes-fees): This one’s good through June 30, via Cathay Pacific. Really, anytime you’re snagging a seat to Asia for under $1,000 from the East Coast is a bargain.

Boarding for Free in China: A new program called Tourboarding launched last month in China, allowing English-speaking travelers to stay free with a Chinese host looking to improve their language skills in exchange for two hours of English conversation. Reuters is reporting that over 5,000 families have signed up in the last 30 days alone.

I think this is a great deal. I’ve been on bad dates where all I got in return for two hours of poor conversation in English was a lousy bar tab.

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