On The World’s Radar: Colombia

Friday, October 31, 2008

Does this happen to you too? As soon as you book a trip somewhere, it seems like everywhere you turn you start to see or hear news articles and stories about where you’re going. For me it seems like a day hasn’t gone by since I booked my trip to Colombia when I haven’t come across something about Colombia. Last weekend there was a huge article in the NY Times about dining in Cartagena, a couple weeks ago Lonely Planet released a video about travel to Bogota, the blogs have been abuzz with plenty of stories (here’s one and here’s another) and just this year Anthony Bourdain taped one of his episodes there.

And not to be outdone, Budget Travel, that bastion of provocation and instigation amongst travel circles (ok, well not really but a few Argentinians may have some contention with the following) is proclaiming in this article that Cartagena is : “The Next Buenos Aires.” Slam! Take that you Porteños and your world-class football. But seriously, it does seem that Colombia is finally — and deservedly — receiving the credit’s it’s been due. I’ll be leaving for there in three weeks to work on some videos and articles. E-mail me if you have any requests for what you’d like me to check out while I’m there. I foresee lots of eating and drinking, listenting to music, enjoying the sun and beaches, and practicing my broken Spanish with the locals. But I’m open to suggestions.

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