Looking Back And Looking Ahead: Editor-In-Chief Matt Stabile Drops Some Knowledge On Us

Friday, January 8, 2010

Manning the controls of TheExpeditioner can often be a delicate waltz (something like Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes might be more accurate). Here, Matt lets us into his 2010 plans and lessons learned along his ’09 travels.

2010 Destinations:

There are extremely cheap flights from the U.S. to Central America this winter, so I’m hoping to get down to Costa Rica and Nicaragua soon (perhaps for my 30th birthday). I try to avoid making travel plans more than a couple months out, but there are a few Asian destinations on my radar for 2010 including, in no particular order: Borneo, Vietnam, and India.

What I learned in 2009:

  1. Despite its best intentions, preventive malaria medication doesn’t always work.
  2. Absinthe is a sure-fire way to bond with hostelmates.
  3. The best bus rides in the world are the ones where you have to help push it once in a while.

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