Put Away The Resume, Introducing The New “Frugal Traveler”

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time to put away the resume, looks like The New York Times has themselves a new Frugal Traveler. No sooner had we learned that Matt Gross, the former Frugal Traveler was hanging up his Lafuma SkyRace OT trail runners, then it was announced that “Weekend in New York” columnist Seth Kugel would be taking over the coveted position.

If you recall, the during the last few years, Matt, in his Frugal Traveler role, undertook a number of epic trips, including “Around the World in 90 Days,” “American Road Trip,” and “The European Grand Tour.” So what’s in store this time around? Turns out, right off the bat Seth is flying down to São Paulo and making his way back to New York City, all on a paltry budget, all in matter of a few months, for the column.

As a combination pass-the-baton/send-off, Seth recently sat down with Matt for a little Q&A. Some highlights:

As the Frugal Traveler, you must get asked a lot of the same questions. What are those? And any clever replies that I can, um, borrow?

The thing you’ll hear the most is “How did you get that job?” I tell people my real last name is Keller, but nobody gets that. Or I tell people the truth: “By total luck,” which is true.

How about those folks who say, wow, “You must have best job in the world?”

I’ll say that it’s better than delivering pizza. Which is another job that I had that I really liked.

Pizza delivery and frugal traveling do have something in common, I suppose: you travel alone and have to make conversation with random people.

Yeah, and you rely on tips.

In the Q&A, Seth also points out that with his new job, he’s conveniently inherited 49,102 Twitter followers (as of the date of this post). He also points out that “Frugal” rhymes with his last name. That’s kind of a fun game. Let’s all figure out what our job titles should be based on our last name. Mine would be Matt Stabile, “The Expert of Tea That Is Chamomile.”

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