Free Travel EBook

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ever hear Brits or Canadians complaining that they can’t get this particular download on iTunes or that movie on NetFlix because of where they live? Well, time for them to exact a little revenge (well, the Brits at least). For those of you Exped readers in the U.K., HarperCollins is pre-releasing an electronic version of Warwick Cairns’ new adventure travel tome, “In Praise of Savagery” for absolutely free. Download it today from Amazon here, or for the rest of us, wait until April for the old-fashioned version.

Oh yeah, and if you’re curious what the book’s about:

As a young man, Warwick Cairns met the then elderly explorer Wilfred Thesiger and the two men struck up an unlikely friendship. Invited to visit him at his African home, Cairns decides to make a bit of an adventure of it and do some of the journey on foot.When he himself was a young man, Thesiger led an expedition to explore the course of the Awash river in Ethiopia. Every westerner that had gone before him had been killed by local tribesmen. Needless to say, he survived.Alternating chapters chart Warwick’s journey with that of Thesiger creating a captivating dual narrative that is part travel book, part biography, part autobiography, part history with fair doses of philosophy and humour thrown in for good measure.In Praise of Savagery is a highly original book that defies classification but is always effortlessly readable.

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